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Penetration Testing

In 2023, there is much more to security than antivirus and high level network scans, our penetration testing services are as close to real world attacks as you can get.


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Initial consultation

Tenax solutions will consult with the client to review the current security policies, procedures, and defense mechanisms that are in place to find gaps that attackers can leverage to gain access to valuable data.

Choose the assessment

After consulting with the client, Tenax Solutions will give a recommendation on what assessments and controls that are needed to improve the security posture of the client. This will allow the client to agree upon the assessments and length of testing prior to the engagement.

Finding the risk

After determining what assessments and length of testing are needed, Tenax Solutions security experts will take a deep dive into the currently implemented security controls. While testing, the security professionals create detailed explanations and recommendations in real time.

Fixing the problem

Following the assessments, Tenax Solutions will provide the client with detailed reports explaining what was found, how it was found, and how to fix the issues that are present. This type of detailed reporting allows the client to easily find and fix the issues at hand before they are exploited by malicious hackers.

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