Compliance examinations determine whether or not you and your business are complying with policies and procedures, as well as applicable laws and regulations.

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Compliance Examinations

Compliance examinations performed by Tenax Solutions provides the client with a dedicated certified information security and compliance expert to review the applicable security framework in scope. During the examination, the consultants will thoroughly assess the organizations information security and compliance requirements and make policy, procedure, and control recommendations, as necessary. If the client does not have a policy, procedure, or control in place, Tenax Solutions will provide the appropriate template and guidance to remediate the control issue accordingly during the assessment.

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AWS, Azure, M365, and GCP Security Reviews

Cloud Security Reviews performed by Tenax Solutions determine the security posture of the cloud environment in scope by manually assessing all aspects of the environment. During the assessment, the consultants will uncover misconfigurations, misuse, compliance issues, and security enhancement opportunities for the client to improve their cloud security posture.

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IT Security Risk Assessments

Tenax Solutions IT Security Risk Assessment will assist the organization in identifying assets, determining threats to those assets, determining threat likelihood, threat impact, mitigating controls, and residual risk associated with the organization. Combining threat likelihood and threat impact of the IT assets in the organization efficiently determines the most valuable assets to the company and what mitigating controls are in place to protect those assets against malicious actors and unforeseeable threats.

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Policy & Procedure Creation

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