Sheldon Speers
Sheldon Speers


Cybersecurity Growing This Decade

For the next decade, we expect radical changes in the cybersecurity landscape, which will be powered by new and emergent technology. The anticipated diversity of cybersecurity will require new architectures and corporations as the world stands at the brink of a new era of sophisticated cybercrime.

In the coming decade, hackers will become more sophisticated, using new tools and methods to access confidential information and data. Developments in technology will create more attack surfaces, which will be more vulnerable, for hackers. Attacks will increase as even less skilled hackers will take advantage of automation in their efforts to infiltrate the more vulnerable organizations and enterprises. Hackers will take advantage of the fact that most enterprises largely depend on their supply chains to breach as many targets as possible.

The cyber defense will equally develop, as companies will employ innovative approaches to counter attacks. Strategies will be more effective and AI will play a central role in shaping security solutions. For instance, organizations will test the cybersecurity from the hackers’ point of view. Organizations will aim at exponentially improving their internal resilience as well as across the supply chain.